Who am I

Greetings and Welcome! I am Dipendra KC, an accomplished organization management professional with substantial experience designing and leading a broad range of development organizations. I enjoy being part of a team identifying the problems and turning them into opportunities and course of action.

The calm one in the room when the pressure is on, I am focused on results not on who gets the credit for success. Won’t pretend to be expert in areas that I am not, but am adept at finding and turning to those who do have the domain expertise.

  • Leadership – Built and led over a dozen teams to conceive and execute projects involving cross-functional stakeholders. These stakeholders include board members, staffs, community organizations and donors with their own competing priorities.
  • Grant Writing – Deeply involved in dozens of grant writing totaling over $1 million in value from large and complex donors to small in scale but very impactful to the organization.
  • Builder – I enjoy creating and nurturing organizational values essential for the organization to succeed.

I enjoy making new professional connections so please reach out if you want to talk organization design and management.