Unity Through MUSIC

Music resides in the soul of every human being. Music has that strength which can bind the several hearts of different backgrounds to one. Recently Prashant Tamang, the Winner of Indian Idol is a good example of it. Prashant is an Indian of Nepalis origin but due to his or in but several Nepalis voted him to be an Indian Idol. Inspite of being an Indian he has been able to bind several Nepalis in his magical voice.

Our country is passing through a critical time period. The daily life is being very difficult. There is curfew in western terai. There is a fear of riots in the name of religion. The country is politically unstable. There are innumerable problems in the country. Nepal is lacking unity among its citizens.

In this context, music may be a good way to create National Unity. We have seen how Prashant has unified the Nepalis. Several Nepalis went to boarder area to vote for him. Prashant mad the Nepalis more proud by wearing “Dhaka Topi” when he won the title. A unique feeling of National pride aroused seeing him. If one person can unify so many people then why are the Nepalis artists and musicians not able to come up for national unity?

In my opinion, the riots of Kapilvastu can be controlled by our singers and artists. They should jointly make an appeal to control violence. Moreover the celebrities and singers can create awareness among the general people feel their responsibility towards Nation.

Moreover the government can invite singers like Prashant, Udit Narayan Jha to Nepal and ask them to appeal them for peace and unity. This may be a new and effective way to unite people. We have been using same old tradition way to create awareness among the people. I think it is the time to give new taste. Let’s observe and see how successful it is.