Inside the mind of a ‘master’ juggler

(This post was written on November 20, 2016)

Does this title sound familiar?

You are right! the title of this post is inspired by this TED Talk of Tim Urban. As Urban discusses during the talk, the “ingenious idea” of writing this blog came when I have a tomorrow noon deadline to submit a paper and another deadline at work.

Anyways, let me “juggle between” my assignment and blogging for now!

I have been juggling between a whole lot of things in my life for quite some years now. Now that I look back to my few years of life, I realize I’m gradually improving on this art of ‘juggling’ between things. Currently, I navigate my life through a full-time job, part-time Ph.D. student (my university considers me a full-time student and have to attend 2 four hour-long sessions, read 20,000+ words, write 3500+ words and occasional presentations in a week), active social life (1+ Social gathering each week) and 3 weekly running sessions.

I consider the following things to have helped me for now:

Isolation: 26 years of life, I was surrounded by people (family, relatives, and friends) and never had time and consciousness to ask what I wanted out of my life and focus on what I really wanted. Staying away (geographically) has helped to find my true passion.

Focus: Being in isolation helped me to find what I enjoy doing and Focus is automatically there because I’ve somehow found what I really love to do.

HungerI was always hungry – hungry to learn and grow. I consider my hunger to learn and grow has brought me to this stage of life where the desire to learn and know new things seems inbuilt.